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Comprised of tag team roller ball pen collaborations between Johnny Cook and John Duckworth. Autonomic Streamism is our art genre describing our unique style of impulsive, pass the page collection. A free flowing path from brain impulse through pen ink, to paper, following nothing but negative spaces left by the previous entries. It started at a party as a way to have a group of creative doodlers pass the time. We had a lot of fun and the results were so appealing, we took it to the next level with a lot of our free time devoted to simply filling pages and spending quality time together. It was the "…its all in your head" session that really took it to a higher plateau for us. The name Cooked Duck came out of this session as well as the foundation for our product line "crazy-mats", tree free reprints and the ideas for an organic line of Cooked Duck clothing which all is still on the drawing board. We have completed some truly unique drawings over the years and finally have organized our interactive web forum ground works for you to see, and interact with.

"I love to create, to invent, and lose myself in a piece of artwork. It's what keeps me dancing the thin line between sanity and insanity. Creating is a release, my meditation, and without it I would be lost." John R. Duckworth

"As an artist who collaborates, Cooked Duck art Stuff has been the most unique, challenging at times, burst of spontaneous creative combustion I've ever been a part in creating." Johnny C. Cook