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1. The indefinite period of time yet to be. 2. That which will happen in time yet to be. 3. The prospective condition of a person or thing. 4. Prospects of advancement: chances

Another second slips by and we've made it into future. The indefinable vortex of what is about to be. Cooked Duck Art Stuff is comprised of the conspired collaborations of Johnny Cook and John Duckworth.

"Who really knows what the future holds? The dream is for a subculture to embrace our creative souls. If you could call me friend then you may understand. Here I am again just a man with a plan. Life goes on as our world spins around. Waiting for a challenge to turn it upside down. We all have a home a safe place to go. We dance on the tightrope never truly knowing. Searching for the light in the midnight sky. Never wondering where, who, when or why." Johnny