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About us, this and that.

Johnny Cook met John Duckworth in the Summer of 1989. We played summer league basketball together and since then our time spent together is priceless. John had just moved to the area and was a welcome addition to our underdeveloped squad of seven and Johnny was already a part of the team. John had a car and Johnny didn't so from there on out Johnny was a shouting for shotgun every chance he had vision of John's car “the ducker“ a dark blue VW Dasher. (shotgun means front seat next to the window) .

Time and the American Landscape separate John and Johnny currently. Johnny have made their coast to coast collaboration rising from the ash of Phoenix and humidity of Charleston..

“ was first theorized as a product line while John and I were drawing “its all in your head”, this session provided an indescribable change to that drawing and the ones which followed thereafter. This drawing laid the ground works for us to believe every dream can be accomplished and you must always press on. That was some ten years ago and now we are here doing what we intended to do from the get go. Influence others to spontaneously combust conspiracy and create…create…create… No matter what it is. If its a friendlier disposition in public places, or creating a consciousness for others to be introduced to what your aware of.

Thank you for your time and feedback is welcome.