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eco-building: goods concieved and constructed with environment as priority one. Products of textiles using organic and recycled materials to generate a more stable eco-system.

cooked duck art stuff is under the 3rdeydeas umbrella and is dedicated to innovations in environment minded organic, recycled and renewable goods. Using the most innovative in technology yet managing to maintain a balance of environment friendly and business savy.

In the case of cooked duck art stuff, tree free and organic canvas reprints represent our dedication to environment and our 3rd eye interpretation of how our goods fit into the scheme of eco-building goods for a more balanced environment.

Our devotion to organic, recycled, and eco-building goods has been concieved, researched and developed by Johnny Cook and brought to you through the conspiracy of Johnny, John Duckworth and Jeff Kesar.

An eccletic array of products from tshirts, placemats, high quality paper and canvas reproductions are on the drawing board as well as a virtual trading depot labeled our cyber-space superstore. A concept for other companies creating Earth friendly innovative ideas to join and gain exposure.